Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hidden Treasure | Fort Snelling Museum

The Family and I went out to the Fort Snelling Military Museum. It is located on the Army Reserve Base off of highway 62. This destination is one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen. The journey starts when you enter the base (yes you actually can get on the base!), at the guard shack you are greeted by a camouflage dressed M16 equiped MP who nicely asks you for an ID. This of it self is very cool to me, just the discipline about it puts me in awe! From there we park, and begin the short walk to the entrance. This is the first time we have been there and we are kinda learning as we go. We find out that the museum is only open 1-2 weekends per month and its entirely volunteer run! As you enter you are taken back by the gigantic row of tanks and APC's. Before I mentioned that this was mostly voulenteer run, but the part that I dident know before we started was most of the volenteers are veterins themselves. All of them seemed to be werring POW/MIA hats or shirts and when we stopped to speak to a couple of them they were always very well informed and very happy to share any information they had and you asked about!

When you are speaking with the staff you just know there are so meny stories behind them, and I imagine how much they have seen. For that matter when I was looking at all of the equipment I was thinking "if this equipment could talk, what would it say" and I wonder what would it have seen...

If you have the chance to visit this, take it. Its well worth the time to go!

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